Data Connectivity

With Apptec’s Point-to-Point and Point-To-Multi-Point solution, you can build your own private network that enables you can transport data safely and securely for the business that is critical to you and your organization.
Our data connectivity service provides you with the High Speed network connectivity at a price you can afford, see below our connect services:


Our Layer-2 Virtual Private Network (L2-VPN) lets you manage point-to-point connectivity, giving you the ability to communicate and exchange information between two sites within Saudi Arabia such as your headquarter and branches.

Dedicated & Secure

Dedicated bandwidth and secure connections.

Media or Carrier

Last mile can be through various media choices including fiber and microwave.


Easy scalability for future growth when needed.


Available locally & internationally through our upstream providers.


Our Layer-3 Virtual Private Network (L3-VPN) allows you to build a network that acts like an extension of your private corporate network, but runs on our shared network infrastructure. The result is a fast and efficient way of making scattered and far-flung locations seem like local sites. Our MPLS-based IP-VPN service interconnects various sites to create a single, seamless company-wide communications network capable of carrying all your voice, data and multimedia applications.


Easily upgrade your links and expand your network.

All Types

Data, voice and video services through a single connection.


Secure inter-branch connectivity through advanced security systems and policies.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A virtual private network (VPN) allows two or more networks to securely connect over a private or public network, it is like a wide area networks (WAN) or a securely encrypted tunnel, but the key feature of VPNs is that they are able to use public networks like the Internet rather than rely on expensive, private leased lines.

High security

Available through encryption and authentication for all data.

Using Internet

Extends your network across a public network to achieve your business.

Affordable Prices

Cost effective connectivity solution to save a lots of money.