We offering a focused range of services Therefore AppTec's staff focus on customer’s needs to achieve the best and the cheapest solutions we provide internet services in Saudi Arabia in addition to all other IT services

Internet services

Apptec Internet is an award-winning local Internet provider offering superfast internet service to small, med, and big size companies in Saudi Arabia. So we provide a lot of internet services like:

  • – Leased Lines (DIA)
  • – Broadband (DSL)
  • – MPLS (L2-VPN)
  • – MPLS (L3-VPN)
  • – Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Unlimited access to the Internet

Hosting services

AppTec provides advanced, flexible, secure, and scalable hosting services. Thus, we meet your business needs. Our target is to cut the costs wherever possible without reducing capabilities. Our hosting services are:

  • – Colocation
  • – Domains register
  • – Webhosting
  • – Microsoft Office 365
  • – SMTP Relay

Designed for organizations of any size

Unlimited IT services

AppTec IT services found to enable organizations in managing and accessing to information and data to achieve more success, AppTec IT services are:

  • – Hospitality Service
  • – Installation & Support
  • – Computer Repair
  • – Consulting
  • – LAN / WAN / Cabling
  • – On-Site Service
  • – Wireless Indoor/outdoor
  • – Windows Server Management

THE services fit your budget