Why Applied Technologies Company (Apptec)?

Because it has a lot of IT services. Also, it is an ISP inside Saudi Arabia which provide all types of connections like DIA, DSL, and VPN. As a result, Apptec has a complete solution for your business.

Making Technology Work For You...

• A single stop shop for all your connectivity requirements.
• Better utilization over your WAN links.
• Improved performance on your WAN links.
• Improved Security over your WAN link.
• Guaranteed Bandwidth sizes at the most affordable of rates.
• Improved Reliability and Bigger Coverage.

Making Technology Convenient For You...

• Services Outsourcing.
• Relief you budget sheet of IT related overhead.
• No need to invest in acquiring or training IT staff anymore.
• Our highly qualified technical support team will do the needy for you.
• Standardize your technical support requests.
• Minimize services Downtime.
• Lower networking and IT equipment costs.
• Service and Expertise variation.